BiaOffice is an in browser windowing system that I have been working on, on and off for several years. In early 2009 a company hired me to write software for them. I used the scrap windowing code I had written for the base of that project which lead to big improvements to the way it functioned. After the project was terminated the code sat around dormant. In late 2010 I revived the project by stripping out the company’s software and doing things to the script that I wanted to do to it when I worked for the company but never had the time.

This project is still in the early stages and while it has become my pet project I don’t always have time to work on it. If you wish to help shoot me an email via my contact form and we will make arrangements.

Username: demo
Password: demo

Code Information

  • JavaScript: The main windowing system functionality
    • JSON: Applications are structured in JSON form
    • AJAX: To call the php side for database access
  • PHP: Access to the database and some security stuff
  • SQL: Database (MySQL only at the moment)
  • HTML: Very little that is not created by JavaScript for windowing
  • CSS: Styling
  • Silverlight: This is currently not implemented. for things that can’t be done with the listed languages like video conferencing


  • Finish Install
  • Finish Calendar
    • Day Display
    • Month Display
    • Data Entry Forms
    • Multi user privlage
  • Make Plug-in Manager
  • Make Theme Manager
  • Make Project Manager
  • Make Medical Manager
  • Create Plug-in System
  • Add Plug-in commands
    • AddMainMenuItem
    • AddManageIcon
    • AddDesktopIcon
    • AddUserPrivilage
    • AddApp
    • AddFormHandler
    • Activate
    • Deactivate
    • OnLogin
  • A few tweaks and themes should be working

Sep 26, 2010

  • bo-system/apps/users.php
    • Fixed Save
  • bo-content/plugins/Calendar/Calendar.php
    • Month Display

Sep 24, 2010

Download: BiaOffice v0.3 Beta, Build 20100924-0401

  • bo-content/plugins/Calendar/Calendar.php
    • Removed (SighUp, Resize, DestroyApp, ReInit)
    • Calender Generate
    • Month View Test
    • Day View Test
    • Previous Month, Next Month
  • bo-system/js/system.js
    • Added auto (SighUp, Resize, DestroyApp, ReInit)
  • bo-system/apps/login.php
    • Moved ReInit to system.js
    • Fixed isloggedin error
  • bo-system/apps/about.php
    • Removed (SighUp, Resize, DestroyApp, ReInit)
  • bo-system/apps/users.php
    • Removed (SighUp, Resize, DestroyApp, ReInit)
  • bo-system/apps/manage.php
    • Removed (SighUp, Resize, DestroyApp, ReInit)
  • bo-system/apps/help.php
    • Removed (SighUp, Resize, DestroyApp, ReInit)
  • bo-system/apps/debug.php
    • Added (SighUp, ReInit)
  • bo-system/apps/login.php
    • Added (ReInit)

Sep 22, 2010

Download: BiaOffice v0.3 Beta, Build 20100922-0534

  • Modified bo-system/lib/function.php
    • Fixed RandomString Generator
  • Modified bo-system/apps/users.php
    • Fixed database code
  • Modified bo-system/apps/main.php
    • Hard coded calendar in for testing
  • Modified bo-system/apps/login.php
    • Added enter handling
  • Modified bo-system/apps/about.php
    • Added build info
  • Modified database
    • added email to users
  • Started Calendar Plugin